Monday, January 16, 2012

Marriages are made in heaven 2

With advanced age, I guess I am gaining a better insight in this subject. I really dont wish to do Phd in this topic but the current situaton has made me think deeper into it and the subject is as important as the selection of a field for post-grad.
Marriage - a union of two families rather than just two beings who decide to lead their remaining life together. I highlight two families since the object of interest of my post is a traditional Indian arranged marriage - which is my preference . These families have a big part to play , especially in a girl's life after marriage.
In my last post over the same subject and in the next post "to my anonymous friend", I tried pointing out the extreme expectations of the perspective brides , grooms and their families . Why dont people try to keep it simple when it comes to expectations? Rather than searching for a rich n handsome dude , I guess it is much preferrable to go for a simple, intelligent, sincere person who cares for his family. After all , riches might be lost , looks are temporary, what lasts is the intelligence and a beautiful mind. I prefer to give weightage to the wisdom inherited by a guy from his parents. Dont family values play a big role in our lifestyles? Whom should I prefer - a mama's boy who likes to "eat ghar ka khana" or a party person ? - Definately the first one is my choice .
A person who finds joys in small things, just like me, is what I prefer. The person who loves the fragrance of the first rain; one who wont mind yet another cup of coffee on lazy sundays in June , loves gazing aimlessly in the lush green woods, one who appreciates the sound of a drizzle, loves the gleaming sunshine over an active rivulet- would possibly understand me better.One who appreciates the rainbow as if he is still 8 even at 40 ! One who wont mind my likes for something like smell of fresh paint in the house !
Above all an honest person with sound morals and a positive approach towards life is what i am hoping for ! I dont mind settling in any corner of the world with a beautiful mind ! The topic is huge and not all points have been possibly disussed . I guess understanding and patience would be handy in the whole marriage and even in making marriage work issue in future. Life really becomes easy when you learn to accept things as they are. Inthe end, its not important to get the best mate , its about giving your best and getting the best outcome with the combined efforts of two different minds bound together by one thing - "Marriage"

back after a long pause......

Two years back , a lady graduated from a medical college- set free in the world of endless opportunities.She used to dream, she used to write and shared it all on this blog. She had a say in every aspect of life and her outlook was no different from any educated girl at 25. Then there was a break in her blogging- a loong pause of 2 years . But , meanwhile her pen wasnt a stranger to her diaries. She hardly stopped missing her blogger mates and decided to return back from the long silence.
In those two years some things had changed. The young doctor had seen life outside the university, her mind was getting enriched. She had left India at a tender age of 18. At 25, when back in India, she was facing the people with a new insight ; understood the advancing society in a better way.
She is in the process of undertanding relationships and human minds with a deeper perspective . The wheel of time hasnt ever stopped spinning, this young bird has now got stronger wings to dive in the sea of thoughts and she is able to express in a clearer way .
So here I am, the doctor in the picture, your hostess at this destination- welcoming you back and so glad to be back herself!
I hope to get the same response and suggestions for improvement as before.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My treasure....

Life , for me has always been a mystery. I wandered aimless through the school corridors, filled up with people - yet seeming empty to me. I wandered as I knew there has to be some reason - something had to be discovered. I wandered in search of an aim.
Days changed to months and months changed to years. And when 20 years went by, I finally found it- I found what I was looking for. I found what any fellow being on this earth craves for. By the age of 21 I had the most valuable thing - I had found "Friends".
With A, B, C and S - compact discs full of care and fun, I lost count of my University days. We had all the fun in the world and we fought no less than brave warriors with each other. Days of joy, sadness, difficulties,exams, excitement - we spent them all . It was a truly girls gang - " Hum Paanch " as we called it in Hindi. There were endless pajama parties , friday nights , lazy weekends, grumpy weekdays that we spent together. More than 1000 days when we wished each other "good night" (in the mornings we met only after class as C n I we practically rushed to our respective classes ). And I practically attended all classes thanks to A who is a morning person unlike me.
Years passed by with jet speed and within no time three of us were in the final year of graduation - A, S, n me . Among all the stress of final exams and the excitement of ' el futuro' there was one more thing - the day to depart was near. We had shared a deep bond and we grew up together. But little had we thought about departing. Of course we will always be in touch n meet now n then . But the days spent in this hostel - are never to come back.
As always one thing is left permantly with us- the memory. When I think back about this time , this "yesterday" , I wish there was more to it. I wish I could have spent some more time together. The silly fights we had - may be I could undo them . May be I could mutiply the fun ? And may be ............ the list is unending.
The need of the unending list of possibilities arises only when a person cares enough. The need arises when the cause is important enough to be thought about, to be treasured for.
Today with yesterday in my dreams and tomorrow at the door-step, I am proud to announce that I am the wealthiest person in the world with the greatest gift of all - my friends , my treasure.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carnival on nevsky 2009: part 2

Part 1 of the post is here

A group of elegantly dressed dancers. Each one of them was well versed in their skills despite their age.

Age was no barrier for enjoyment, as proved by the devil .(I am not sure if she wears Prada, though)

Happy hour :)

The "Peterburgsti" were all dressed up in their funky carnival clothes. Nevsky street had more shades of colors than the Hermitage State Museum !

.....The main concert in Palace square.

A group of ghosts entertaining the mob.

A lost traveller looking for his wife. :D He looked happy and was in no hurry to find her.A marvellous act full of emotions, story and balance. The performers were just supported by those flexible sticks.
A nice way of interaction with the audience. Now, this is what I call "live" concert!

The artists were great , so was the decoration. But the heart of this ceremony were the People of St. Petersburg. Peterburgski surely know how to enjoy even in the face of the present crisis. And why shouldn't they, after all they are the citizens of Russia - The land of Possibility.

Carnival on nevsky 2009 Part 1

On 27th May 2009, the city of St. Petersburg, Russia celebrated its 306th birthday. This occasion was celebrated in the form of a carnival on the 30th and 31st of May. I was lucky to witness the great event and had no regrets of missing one days study. Here's a photo tour of the Nevsky street ........

....... We stepped out of Metro Nevsky Prospect to dive in the big crowd and walked towards Palace square .

On Nevsky, 5 concerts and 7 theatrical squares were organised . This one was hosted by the kids for the kids.

All over the street in front of Kazans Cathedral, posed a group of beautifully dressed artists with unique expressions. They stood undeterred by the hot summer sun.

'Devushki' enjoyed posing with the brilliant artists.
Kazan's Cathedral - as seen from the cafe inside the famous "House of Books " {Dom Knigi}.
Without doubt , Dom Knigi has the best collection of books I have ever seen under one roof!

The artists started walking towards the Palace square for the main ceremony ...

..............................................At the palace square ,to be continued.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tag -3 (Phew!)

Stillness Speaks and Wanda, heres my tag reply :) :).....

8 things I am looking forward to:
1) Becoming a good doctor.
2) Learning to play a guitar.
3) Making full and just use of my potentials.
4) Taking things easy sometimes.
5) Revising my textbooks properly till June.
6) Jogging regularly this summer.
7) Learning swimming.
8) To graduate this summer :D

8 things I wish I could do:

1) Be at home right now.
2) Cure cancer.
3) Write a book in the next decade. (I have this one in common with Stillness Speaks)
4) Find out how life was formed.
5) Stop terrorism . I would have said "world peace" in a beauty pageant ;)
6) Be the best at whatever I do.
7) Meet my soul mate. ( Again, share another "would like to " with Stillness Speaks.)
8) Step on the moon.

8 shows I have enjoyed watching:
(Changed this one a bit, I hope its ok.

1) House MD (currently watching)
2) F.R.I.E.N.D.S (its THE best thing that happened in the history of television shows.)
3) Office (US)
4) I dream of jeanie
5) Small wonder
6) Bewitched
7) FIR (great Haryanavi accent by Ms. Chautala)
8) Khichdi

8 things I did yesterday:

1) Made notes for future reference.
2) Read Anatomy.
3) Played Chess and clicked some cool snaps while waiting eagerly for the professor to show up. (He showed up to say "See you tomorrow").
4) Went Shopping for provisions.
Took a walk with friends.
5) Prayed and thanked God in the evening.
6) Replied to 2 tags :) and I have started liking it now
7) Ate pancakes, soup and pizza and forgot about the calories
8) Watched an episode of House MD

My 2nd Tag!

Last week ani_aset tagged me . Its rather delayed, but these are 25 random things about me.......

1) I hate carbonated drinks.
2) Recently I developed a sweet tooth.
3) I love the rain.
4) I adore the smell of first rain .
5)I love to look at dew drops in the morning.
6) I prefer clear winters to sweaty summers.
7)I love to cook, though not a pro.
8)I have an annoyingly strong sense of olfaction. I can smell EVERYTHING.(Its bad when in buses n public places.)
9)I dont like to share my books. I dont like the pages stained or folded.
10) Red is my favorite color now. Last year I liked blue and previously, pink.
11)I adore colors and love to see the effect of different color combinations.
12) I love old Hindi movies, hollywood action and comedy movies .
13) Madhubala is my favorite actress.
14) Amitabh Bacchan is my favorite Hindi actor, in the leading role.
15) Mohd. Rafiji and Ashatai Bhosle are my all time favorite singers.
16) I love to observe paintings for hours. (My friends hate it at the museums)
17)I love to travel.
18)Favorite classic : Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.
19)I love to watch the stars while falling asleep .
20)I love to paint.
21)If given a chance I would like to change all the unfair things in the world.
22)Favorite sweet (Mithai) Kaju Katri.
23)I love to bake cakes.
24)Favorite dish Baingan ka bharta(Egg plant)
25)I prefer vegetables over meat (if the veggies are fresh, tasty and properly cooked.)
Hope I havnt repeated anything from the last tag.
And I would like to tag :