Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carnival on nevsky 2009: part 2

Part 1 of the post is here

A group of elegantly dressed dancers. Each one of them was well versed in their skills despite their age.

Age was no barrier for enjoyment, as proved by the devil .(I am not sure if she wears Prada, though)

Happy hour :)

The "Peterburgsti" were all dressed up in their funky carnival clothes. Nevsky street had more shades of colors than the Hermitage State Museum !

.....The main concert in Palace square.

A group of ghosts entertaining the mob.

A lost traveller looking for his wife. :D He looked happy and was in no hurry to find her.A marvellous act full of emotions, story and balance. The performers were just supported by those flexible sticks.
A nice way of interaction with the audience. Now, this is what I call "live" concert!

The artists were great , so was the decoration. But the heart of this ceremony were the People of St. Petersburg. Peterburgski surely know how to enjoy even in the face of the present crisis. And why shouldn't they, after all they are the citizens of Russia - The land of Possibility.

Carnival on nevsky 2009 Part 1

On 27th May 2009, the city of St. Petersburg, Russia celebrated its 306th birthday. This occasion was celebrated in the form of a carnival on the 30th and 31st of May. I was lucky to witness the great event and had no regrets of missing one days study. Here's a photo tour of the Nevsky street ........

....... We stepped out of Metro Nevsky Prospect to dive in the big crowd and walked towards Palace square .

On Nevsky, 5 concerts and 7 theatrical squares were organised . This one was hosted by the kids for the kids.

All over the street in front of Kazans Cathedral, posed a group of beautifully dressed artists with unique expressions. They stood undeterred by the hot summer sun.

'Devushki' enjoyed posing with the brilliant artists.
Kazan's Cathedral - as seen from the cafe inside the famous "House of Books " {Dom Knigi}.
Without doubt , Dom Knigi has the best collection of books I have ever seen under one roof!

The artists started walking towards the Palace square for the main ceremony ...

..............................................At the palace square ,to be continued.