Friday, June 19, 2009

My treasure....

Life , for me has always been a mystery. I wandered aimless through the school corridors, filled up with people - yet seeming empty to me. I wandered as I knew there has to be some reason - something had to be discovered. I wandered in search of an aim.
Days changed to months and months changed to years. And when 20 years went by, I finally found it- I found what I was looking for. I found what any fellow being on this earth craves for. By the age of 21 I had the most valuable thing - I had found "Friends".
With A, B, C and S - compact discs full of care and fun, I lost count of my University days. We had all the fun in the world and we fought no less than brave warriors with each other. Days of joy, sadness, difficulties,exams, excitement - we spent them all . It was a truly girls gang - " Hum Paanch " as we called it in Hindi. There were endless pajama parties , friday nights , lazy weekends, grumpy weekdays that we spent together. More than 1000 days when we wished each other "good night" (in the mornings we met only after class as C n I we practically rushed to our respective classes ). And I practically attended all classes thanks to A who is a morning person unlike me.
Years passed by with jet speed and within no time three of us were in the final year of graduation - A, S, n me . Among all the stress of final exams and the excitement of ' el futuro' there was one more thing - the day to depart was near. We had shared a deep bond and we grew up together. But little had we thought about departing. Of course we will always be in touch n meet now n then . But the days spent in this hostel - are never to come back.
As always one thing is left permantly with us- the memory. When I think back about this time , this "yesterday" , I wish there was more to it. I wish I could have spent some more time together. The silly fights we had - may be I could undo them . May be I could mutiply the fun ? And may be ............ the list is unending.
The need of the unending list of possibilities arises only when a person cares enough. The need arises when the cause is important enough to be thought about, to be treasured for.
Today with yesterday in my dreams and tomorrow at the door-step, I am proud to announce that I am the wealthiest person in the world with the greatest gift of all - my friends , my treasure.


  1. Have missed you the last few months!
    Preparing for graduation I guess!
    You will have those friends for life...I get together once a month with women I went to grade school and high school with...we graduated in '63 and there are about 8 of us that do it reularly and 6 others join less often...You will surely make more friends but school friends share a close bond...You are lucky and wise to know it! Congradulations!

  2. aah frens lovely frens :) are nostalgic, and the post ensured i am too :D..good one

  3. Friends are such a treasure. They can reach those places where at times maybe even family can't. Never loose touch and it would just go from strong to stronger. This isn't the end, but a new beginning. There is so much more of your lives that you have to share with each other :)

  4. @Wanda : I missed you for a couple of months too . Yes I am preparing for graduation and also preparing to leave for India soon, so there is a lot to do.
    Its nice to know that you all still get together each month! Really, not many people in the world realize the importance of friendship. Only a few people stay in touch for this long! Its an accomplishment in itself. I am happy that I know one of such people.
    I will try to follow your example in life. :)
    Thank you.

  5. @silentlyexpress: Thanks. you changed your blog! will take a look at it.

  6. @Stillness Speaks: Your comment has put the whole going-away thing in a new perspective for me. Guess you are right, this is indeed not the end but a new beginning! Lots to look forward to, lots of things still to share. Its nice to read your thoughts! Thank you.

  7. hey mad thts so sweet of u...we did have lot of fun and enjoyed a lot in these past 3 yrs atleast...ill miss u guys a lot.i know all of us r really excited to graduate ,go bk hm and meet our folks,but 1ce we get bk hm we will def miss this place and we wnt be able to do anything abt it.its better we we shud not think abt departing rt now, and enjoy watever little time we have.even i m really glad tht by the end of my 3rd yr in russia i cud finally hv a grp tht i cud bank u guys a lot.bye!keep writing more abt us :)

  8. Don't know what to write bcoz this post reminds me of the time when I completed my graduation as well. Forwarded a mail to you may be you could understand whats d essence of Friends and their presence in our life...TC

  9. @Sweety: :D All you sweet adorable hearty beings that I met - how much ever I write about you all is less. By now you know me well and I rarely have to express much for you to understand whats going on in my little head. :)
    Iknow one thing for sure there are more fun days in life to come when we all will be together just like old times.

  10. @Shoeb: Ya, I will surely read it. Thank you for fwding it.


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