Monday, January 16, 2012

back after a long pause......

Two years back , a lady graduated from a medical college- set free in the world of endless opportunities.She used to dream, she used to write and shared it all on this blog. She had a say in every aspect of life and her outlook was no different from any educated girl at 25. Then there was a break in her blogging- a loong pause of 2 years . But , meanwhile her pen wasnt a stranger to her diaries. She hardly stopped missing her blogger mates and decided to return back from the long silence.
In those two years some things had changed. The young doctor had seen life outside the university, her mind was getting enriched. She had left India at a tender age of 18. At 25, when back in India, she was facing the people with a new insight ; understood the advancing society in a better way.
She is in the process of undertanding relationships and human minds with a deeper perspective . The wheel of time hasnt ever stopped spinning, this young bird has now got stronger wings to dive in the sea of thoughts and she is able to express in a clearer way .
So here I am, the doctor in the picture, your hostess at this destination- welcoming you back and so glad to be back herself!
I hope to get the same response and suggestions for improvement as before.

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  1. welcome back! eagerly looking forward to the thoughts waiting to be shared by this young,dynamic and wiser doctor! :)


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