Monday, January 16, 2012

Marriages are made in heaven 2

With advanced age, I guess I am gaining a better insight in this subject. I really dont wish to do Phd in this topic but the current situaton has made me think deeper into it and the subject is as important as the selection of a field for post-grad.
Marriage - a union of two families rather than just two beings who decide to lead their remaining life together. I highlight two families since the object of interest of my post is a traditional Indian arranged marriage - which is my preference . These families have a big part to play , especially in a girl's life after marriage.
In my last post over the same subject and in the next post "to my anonymous friend", I tried pointing out the extreme expectations of the perspective brides , grooms and their families . Why dont people try to keep it simple when it comes to expectations? Rather than searching for a rich n handsome dude , I guess it is much preferrable to go for a simple, intelligent, sincere person who cares for his family. After all , riches might be lost , looks are temporary, what lasts is the intelligence and a beautiful mind. I prefer to give weightage to the wisdom inherited by a guy from his parents. Dont family values play a big role in our lifestyles? Whom should I prefer - a mama's boy who likes to "eat ghar ka khana" or a party person ? - Definately the first one is my choice .
A person who finds joys in small things, just like me, is what I prefer. The person who loves the fragrance of the first rain; one who wont mind yet another cup of coffee on lazy sundays in June , loves gazing aimlessly in the lush green woods, one who appreciates the sound of a drizzle, loves the gleaming sunshine over an active rivulet- would possibly understand me better.One who appreciates the rainbow as if he is still 8 even at 40 ! One who wont mind my likes for something like smell of fresh paint in the house !
Above all an honest person with sound morals and a positive approach towards life is what i am hoping for ! I dont mind settling in any corner of the world with a beautiful mind ! The topic is huge and not all points have been possibly disussed . I guess understanding and patience would be handy in the whole marriage and even in making marriage work issue in future. Life really becomes easy when you learn to accept things as they are. Inthe end, its not important to get the best mate , its about giving your best and getting the best outcome with the combined efforts of two different minds bound together by one thing - "Marriage"


  1. I totally agree with all that you have said....and I sincerely pray that you may find such a gem of a person to spend your life with. I am sure he is out there somewhere...all you have to do is look in d right direction and d right places! Someone as wonderful as you deserves nothing less than the BEST!

  2. Marriage is soo over rated.


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