Monday, February 23, 2009

help me, my dearest.......

help me out ,
show me the way.
there is no doubt,
i know right away!

your thoughts chase me
all night and all day!
its as if you can't see,
or just don't care
enough for me?

with your thoughts I go to bed,
you are in all my dreams,
I open my eyes and there i find ,
you!!! running through my mind's films!

You jump in when-
I try to think of the menu,
oh, how will anything be done
if there is nothing but YOU?

Oh, I cant wait anymore,
I can suffer no more!
If I could control the time,
- holding you , i would have stared
at you for some time ,
----And then I would have certainly dared,
MY dearest exam paper, to finish you in time!


  1. Hey Wow!! And I thought you were in love!! Made me smile for sure :-)

  2. @Stillness Speaks: :) I am not in love but I really have a practical exam on Friday this week . Wish me luck !

  3. Exam paper?? haha that made me laugh =))
    I loved the unexpected ending.
    I'm glad there are poets here finally
    Write on !!

  4. U need more time to stare @ the exam paper & how i wish it to get over asap... Kuch aata hi nahi tha :-)
    Anyways the ending was fun to read.. Keep it up MAD !!!

  5. Hey all the best for your practical! Do well. Do all you can and attempt it confidently!

  6. @Shoeb : thanks . When in School, I used to be the last one to submit the paper.Once or twice I remember everybody had left the class and the teacher was waiting only to collect my paper.

    Thanks !

  7. @Stillness Speaks : Thank you. I will try my best but still- scared.

  8. aisa hi kuch mera bhi ho gaya hai....

  9. @Sagar: lets hope that exams get over fast and well

  10. hey tht was goooooooooooooooooddddddd,i actually thought tht something was disturbing u,n i was not aware of wat is i know wat is it.ur poem did bring smile to my face also :)

  11. @ Sweety: :) Thanks, the realisation of the existence of caring friends intensely comforts my heart!
    I am glad the poem made you smile.

  12. hey nice one...damn i was thinking it was another one for love :P

  13. @ani_aset :thanks :), when i was done halfway through, i thought it would be fun to add a twist. :D


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