Friday, February 13, 2009

A letter to M.K.Gandhi

Mr. M.K.Gandhi,
Father Of The Nation
[Republic (!) of India] ,
Seventh Heaven.

Dear Bapu,
Kem cho? I finally got your correct address! You don't know me, I am comparatively a new addition to your Nation. Well, let me leave my introduction short and sweet and come to the important point. I thought it to be my prime duty to inform you about the current events in the country.
Your nation is already in her sixties now.... And after you left her, they decided to place you in every government institution. So there you hang these days,looking aside and smiling away to glory when they lie, take bribes and practice violence ...if you could have looked straight!
And most days you hang there alone......
The "rajdhani" is doing great too, in par(lie)ment sessions politicians fight and swear and whole nation gets an opportunity to watch them... live!!!These days our "Leaders" have become modern, they travel in AC cars and aeroplanes , and most of the time they have to visit abroad ...for the nation!After all this nobody can blame them for not being able to give their 100% to the nation....after all they are humans not machines like you were!So what if they were not present in Mumbai when they were needed , some of them actually made it to the crime scene ......separately, and blamed the other at the moment of national crisis!-not to mention the manpower that was needed to protect them (from what they God only knows).
Speaking of Mumbai, now-a-days there are new opportunities coming up for the nations' youth.... new degree and diploma options are open for them....there is a Diploma of Social Nuisance (DSN) . I am sorry , forgot that you have absolutely no idea about all this and i have to let you know the details....So there are these new upcoming" leaders" like khaj- taak- re ,they have created many "Sena"s and recruited youth . These senas go on beating people for different reasons, one for example,based in Maharashtra believes in beating people from other states and people who cant speak Marathi; there is another sena that beats up girls !And youngsters can go abroad coz on that side of the border, they can study and get degree in Terrorism (DT)! You see people are free to do what they want to.
And people are free to write what they want to in newspapers, show what they want to on TV , watch what they want to .... young Indians try to sing and make people laugh, some try to dance ! Till now we had only Father of Nation, but now we also have "Indian Idol" (3 of them so far). And why should be Bharatiya nari left unmentioned?There is a Great Indian lady who makes wonderful serials and the rest of them watch it away to glory! Now we have so many Ba's!
-Oh, hows Ba by the way? Convey my regards to her. And I hope you have already forgiven Mr. Godse, for if you haven't, tomorrows the perfect chance(the day to give up hatred, we celebrate love- its called Valentines day) . You were right when you saw him (when he shot you) and said "hey Ram !'- he is really your Ram for having rescued you from this incredible place called India!
With all my love and regards,
Great-grand daughter of the nation.


  1. Cool yaar... M proud of u..
    Indeed some bold writing.. Eagerly await you next topic...


  2. Good work! Wonderfully drafted and executed. I love your idea! Its indeed a great beginning. Keep coming with such great posts. Looking forward to more......all the best.

  3. hey tht was really good...gandhi better know wat ppl actually think abt him...he is just worshiped liked god by many ppl,but nobody has even remotely adapted his ideas.but i guess he deserves it,he is the one who's responsible for most of the current situation in india.keep up the good work!!!

  4. Well begun is half done....btw nice idea to start a blog...agreed wid most of the points.....u know i believe in a philosophy..this world moves forward coz everyday some equations get balanced and some unbalanced inequalities are created...i see many examples of those eqns and inequalities in that letter....dont tell kaustubh abt this letter..otherwise he will come to russia searchin for u..hehe.

  5. @Shoeb : Thank you ! The firm support of friends is a strong pillar in ones life.Will try my best to come up with "quality" writing.

  6. @ AS: Dear AS, you inspire me. You have a big impact on my thoughts , my writings- prose n poetry.Thank you.

  7. @ dear anonymous friend, the more i think about Gandhiji, the more i know how less i understand his philosophy. And i keep on changing my conclusions regarding the pros n cons of his philosophy.
    My idea of this post was to make Indians understand what all the Great Leaders(not just Gandhiji but also the Extremists) went through to give us this "freedom" which is most of the time misinterpreted or misunderstood and misused.
    Thank you for your comment, and your are one courageous person who sticks to his belief . Keep reading and commenting.

  8. @Sagar: I really like your philosophy.To tell you the truth, this conclusion that you have derived(looks like you did some deep thinking about it)never occured to me!
    Well, wont write a lot in this comment, will keep somethings for future posts. Thank you very much.

  9. Nice satirical post btw!!!......Loved it. Keep blogging. Nice to have you in the blogging world!!!


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