Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day ! (In India its already the 15Th , but never mind, Der aaye durust aaye!)
Like all other (over-)enthusiastic young people, obviously I have lots to write.But sometimes thoughts run so fast in my head that I am left a bit disoriented and a lot more confused at the end of my thought process, which, sadly is left incomplete.So I didnt know exactly what I want to put down -though posting something was a must!.... and thats when I decide to finally post my own poem here which I composed some months back . I thankfully decided this before the V-day ends -which is a miracle in itself!
So fasten your heartbeats , here it comes........

vicharanchya athaang samudratna ,
ek don vichar tarangun ver aale;
ani smritipatalaanchya kinaryaver

don ek kshan sthiraavle....

raja-raani khelta khelta,

tuzyabarobar ghalavlele balpan aathavle.
lahanpani tujyabarobar khelnyasathi ,
aaishi kelele bhandan aathavle .

tu matrik pass zhalaas

mi aanandane vedich zhale!

mag tu mothe-mothe bhashaavaad aikavlet,

tevha maanya mala kahich nahi umajle-

pan tuzya husharine hruday bhedun takle!
ani maze mann abhimanane fugle!

mag ekda tula bhetayla ,

mi thodi ushira pohochle

tu ragavlyaver mi
fakta khudkan hasle.

tuzya ragane fuglelya galana baghun...

tuzya kesanshi mi kinchit khelale,

ani rag visrun tulapan lagech hasu aale

ek-ek karun smrutinni sakhalich gumfali,

aani vartamanatun mala door khechun gheun geli!

achaanak!- mag tu mala haak marlis.

tya hakene mala kshanbhar bhaan ale-

pan doosryach kshani tuzya mithit shirun
aaplya bhavishyache swapna rangavu lagle.

- Mad (18/11/08)

Disclaimer: This is my poem, not my own story.


  1. khup chaan kavita aahe! its difficult to imagine how u have written such a heart touching poem without basing it on some past experience. Kudos! Good work! :)

  2. ase watle ki ajj paryanta aayushyat sagle kahi milale......ek gosta rahili hoti...tyachi hi janiv....

  3. @ Sagar: Janiv zhali ani Univ bhasli !

  4. Can you post an English translation of your poem? I'm not sure if it will carry the same effect but I'd like to read it.

  5. beautiful poem....frm where did u get the inspiration to write it?

  6. @ TruEngineer : I shall try and put up a translation of my poem in english over the weekend.
    I am glad you are intersted in reading it.

  7. @ Sweety: I find inspiration for most of my poems through things that happen around me. From the innumerable people who touch and influence my life in so many ways. :)


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