Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ME,MYSELF , I.........and the glass globe .

The alarm rings alarmingly loud and "I" wake up. "I" sit up on the bed half sleepy - half awake. Then "My" thoughts come back to reality from the great exhausting tour of dreamland. "I" am the sole witness of where all I have been in my dreams! Anywho, now that "I" am conscious "I" feel tired and exhausted from the little sleep I got.... just 8 hours of sleep! How hard "I" worked yesterday..... watched a movie, ate, cooked, washed, read the news....... so much work!- For this great contribution to society , I am not even thanked enough! "My" day is so hard and "I MYSELF " have to take care of soooooo many things .... !!!!!!
MY bus, my work , my sleep , my stuff, my problems........ the list is unending!
I do this , did that, achieved this, am so great, so fantastically brilliantly astonishingly PERFECT !!!!!!!

In this very- busy-extremely-competitive-progressing- each-second world , somewhere we become utterly selfish and so much aware about our own problems, that we create an 1 inch thick glass globe around us . This globe is a mini-world which contains things that only concern us! We start existing in a small colony of "my precious " . Each day we trod the same path, take the same bus, see the same people .... because ALL these people also have a similar micro-colony around them!
.....And in the long run we forget to stop and stare! We forget that humans other than inside this small subset exist... just like us, fully aware and with emotions and all....
While running to work or school how many of us actually stop and help some old granny trying to climb the metro stairs with her luggage? How many of us actually get up and offer a seat to the ones who need it? How many of us consider, even for a second, that among the people surrounding us all day, there might be someone who faces problems much larger and graver than compared to our everyday hardships?
I once remember (not being a native Mumbaiite) mistakenly boarding a local that had come from Virar, and was on its way to Churchgate, from Borivli during August, last year. There was a slight drizzle as I boarded the Ladies compartment ......I was holding on to the outer pole and standing on an inch of the local train.... as you can imagine the rest of me hanging out of it..... One of the kind ladies- safely standing in the middle of the compartment shouts "close the door, rain is coming through and our sarees might get wet!" Wah re humanity!!!
- What if I were her daughter? Would the story be the same? I guess not and the reason is "the glass globe"
This fantastic glass globe.......
A: "You know XYZ got a heart- attack! "
ME (To MYSELF) : Good I am not in his place!
ME (aloud): hmmm , thats sad.
Why cant people think out of the glass globe? Why cant people have some compassion for the human kind? The world is progressing and expanding but that doesnt mean we become heartless towards others' problems. Why does this air of ME- ness around us decrease our visiblity like some kind of smog due to incresed pollution? Perhaps our own thoughts have supersaturated the space around us such that no other stimulus from the outside penetrate through to us. And what will more progress bring? Will we turn into mighty Goliaths who crush people under their feet?
In a poem called "Oonchai" , Mr. Vajpai has correctly and nicely concluded ,
"Oh GOD ,lead me not to such heights that make me incapable of embracing near ones , that make me heartless"


  1. wow tht was realistically good....we can be so self involved..well uve inspired to do lot of small good things helping old woman to carry their stuff,or giving my seat to sumone who actually needs it....thanks...keep inspiring ppl!!

  2. I don't think selfishness or as you say 'ME - ness' is anything new but I do think you're right in the direction of ME - ness. I agree with you that the world is expanding at a fast rate. I think it's expanding faster than we can control. Thus, traditions and values that would have kept this ME - ness 'in check' have been tossed by the way side because we're all too 'busy' trying to keep up with this growth. I'm totally with you! We all need to take the time to take a deep breath and enjoy the simple things in life. To remember that we are our brothers and sisters keeper. We must not give into the temptation of going-going-going all the time to keep up with the frantic pace of the world. Compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness, warmth and love must be taught and observed. Therefore, those who know must teach and display these characteristics. Otherwise 'ME - ness' takes over and we're left with what we see today.

  3. Yes, we are really quite self-centered, aren't we? A part of this is natural, but too much self-centeredness is unhealthy.

    After all, we are created to bring glory to God. How we treat others and how we look after our environment feeds into this glory. The glory would not only go to God, but also back to our society, and also back to us!

    It is a nice cycle, but our goal should not be overly focussed on ourselves.

  4. @ Sweety: I am humbled to find that my writing inspires you. Thats a huge responsiblity. I shall try and live up to it.

  5. @ TruEngineer: You are spot on when you say values are important to keep meanness in check.
    Sadly, that is exactly where our society needs to improve.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. @ Dog: Thats a nice way of putting it. I really like the way you described the cyclic relations between our actions and their consequences!
    Thank you.

  7. hey!!!thats a very nice post!!!!n thanx a lot 4 postin a comment on mine....that was really nice of you...considering i literally strive for comments...thanx a lot!!!

  8. Brilliantly written Ma'm. My thougts exactly. Guess the entire world needs a dose of sensitivity. We call ourselves human, but are becoming increasingly inhumane in more ways than one!

    Wonderful post!

  9. @ Charu: Thank you. :) keep publishing posts and keep getting comments, dont worry, you are doing a nice job. :)

  10. @ Stillness Speaks: Thank you very much ! Small things can make the world we live in, a much better place.


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