Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here is the promised translation of the poem I had posted previously under the title "V -day special".
The original poem is in Marathi , my mother tongue .
This poem is not the exact translation, for it would have been very hard for me to explain the exact meaning of some peculiarities which are a part of Maharashtrian culture.
So, I made some changes, the meaning and the feelings though, are unchanged.
One thing I realised while rewriting my own poem in another language - its not an easy job.
The original one was so spontaneous, I had finished composing it in 20 minutes!
But to rewrite and convey the same message in English took me about 2-3 hours!- I hope its not bad!

Through the boundless sea of endless thoughts,

one or two thoughts came floating above,
they rested upon the shore; these thoughts,
they floated up in my mind.

They brought back the memory ,
of those wonderful days - days of joyful swings,
when we ran through the meadows and danced on the winds,
days when you and me- used to play free of worry!

when you passed high school ,
I was in eighth grade!
- the wonders outside school when you told,
oh how proud I felt,
-didn't understand much of it though!

......then came the day of our first date!
you were waiting eagerly for me,
- boy, you were angry when i was late !
you were red and wouldn't talk to me,
how I adored you! -with your hair i played.

never can i forget how your lips gifted me,
a wonderful smile when the momentary anger faded.

one thought led to another,
and made a beautiful chain altogether....
it pulled me away from the present ,
taking me far away in the past.
and that's when your voice called,
bringing me back to the moment - but for a moment.
for, the next minute i entered your loving embrace,
and started thinking about our future.......

- Mad 23rd feb 2009

p.s. this is a work of fiction, not my own story.


  1. Good job on the translation mad. You have done full justice to the poem. This one is at par with the marathi version.
    Keep it up.looking forward to more from you.............

  2. @AS:thank you !I will try to come up with new posts soon .

  3. Thanks for going through all the trouble of translating the poem. I really appreciate it! It was a good poem with nice imagery. Again, thanks for sharing.

  4. hey this is my first visit to ur blog... the poem was soulful :) great efforts show!
    hope to hear more frm u!

  5. @nups: thank you! keep visiting. :)

  6. Man!! Poetry just isnt in my genes, which is why it amazes me how you get it so beautifully :-)

    I would want to know how the story in the poem ends :-)

    P.S Have been trying to comment since some time, but the verification picture would refuse to appear!

  7. @Stillness Speaks :
    I really do not know , the poems just happen....
    The end of the story in this poem.....I think I would like them to stay together, happily , unaffected by the world around. After all, I imagined them made for each other :)
    Thank you for having the patience to wait for the verification to appear.
    I do not really have much insight about the "technicalities" of the software world but I hope this problem doesnt repeat itself. :)

  8. hey its hard to believe tht without any ispiration,not keeping urself or any other couple in mind u composed the poem so beautifully n so fast!its amazing!!!

  9. @ sweety : i think, an action is a result of a thought process that is triggered due to an inspiration. I get inspired by the things I see, from the people and situations around me. thanks !

  10. lovely one 'todays writer', my first visit to your post too..but the poems you write are really cool..nice one..reminds me of my time in school :P..and thanks so much for your comments appreciate it

  11. @ani_aset :Thank you,its nice to know thatyou could relate to your old memories from school. your poems are really nice - short and sweet but quite meaningful.


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