Sunday, March 15, 2009

I wonder

We perform hundreds of activities in a day, some are repeated like a ritual,some are new, some are intentional, some are last- moment -activities-to save -the-day and some are reactions to someone else's activities (lets not forget Newton's third law).
Most of us follow Newton's Third law quite religiously or should I say its just a reaction to people's reactions to prevent more reactions? Here's an example .....or two. While passing through a jungle in the Kingdom of Far Far away, Puss-in-boots is attacked unexpectedly by two huge guards... he gives the most adorable look of a poor little kitty. As a reaction to which, the guards' hearts melt n they lower their weapons and BAMM thats when Puss (in boots) attacks (so well that the guards can never react again ). When Frodo feels a Nazgul approaching and unexpectedly(dumb ass) removes the ring out , Nazgul plunges his sword in Frodo's heart (oopps) what can Frodo do next..... Call Strider and wear the ring (just to see the weird look on all the Nazguls' faces).
The last moment activities and the 'reactions' are bolts of surprises which vary individually, according to time, persons concerned and some entities like the teacher, the boss, luck, God, the Devil,the girl /guy next door and some other unnecessary institutes like the government, political parties, social get the picture right?Usually, when my phone stops to work after the last call which consumed every last penny and the people whom I had told to call me coz I am out of money are already tired... that is the correct time to go and refill! Or when they give you the last warning before stopping your electricity and its winter and you certainly dont wish to come home and find the rooms colder than the tallest dungeon of the farthest mountain in which Fiona was locked up and the only warmth provided was by the beautifully dangerous (deadly combo) dragoness who emits fire when angered!( God save the Donkey).

And so are the intentional activities which depend on all the above and the person's nature.I am also considering the intentional activities of a devil who keeps on playing pranks on people or troubling people just for the heck of it. Take my word for it, its fun sometimes. :D
Now the new activities are HATKE from what we do (duhh!) Suddenly, out of the blue a prince decides to take a detour in the jungle and ends up dancing with the fairest maiden he had ever seen ! On the other hand our fairest maiden (Snow white - if you havent guessed it by now) - disregarding the warnings of the fairy godmothers talks to him (n the cartoon makers have to make a duet) - "Forbidden Fruit" .
But I am interested in the daily rituals that we perform unceasingly.... imagine C3PO as you read .... programmed by young Anikan Skywalker to help Mamma perform daily chores. (He ends up doing pretty much the same thing through all the 6 parts . Its like his part was mechanically written to perform the same thing inspite of the supposed progress in the gadget world around). But who programmed us to do the same day in and day out? Our brain is such a wonderful machine with unending powers (proof- you are reading my post), capacities (proof - I am writing this) and control over our body and parts of the brain itself that its astounding how we perform a thousand activities repeatedly throughout our lives! We learn to speak words which we actually remember till the end( not considering Alzheimer's patients or amnesic patients ). Who taught us to breathe? ... we pretty much started it on our own at once and will go on breathing till we live. Somehow we opened our eyes to see the light , who told us to do so? Somehow when we saw our face in the mirror for the 1st time , we identified ourselves! Some how we knew when we saw tears for the first time - that someone is sad! How we connect all those things together when we experience them for the first time is astonishing! There are hypothesis for all the above things but the conclusions are far from reached. Ever wondered from where did the first man and woman on earth learn all those things? How they learned to interact with each other, how they learned the "mechanical ways of the humankind"?
Astonishing I tell you! The mysteries of Mother Nature are unending and miraculous......


  1. This is a lot of fun to think about, especially when you think about the first humans. I don't have any answer but I will ponder what you said for a while. Hm...

  2. @TruEngineer : Thank you.I am glad you liked my direction of thought, especially about the first humans.I am quite curious about them and the situation at that time.
    Its good to hear from you :)

  3. Well i read most of your posts...i just lost myself in this one i confess :)

  4. @ani_aset: thanks for taking time out and reading all my posts. I actually enjoyed writing this post , but didnt get that degree of response as I had thought. - Maybe it was tooo long?Inspite of that I love to think about this idea.

  5. @Ani-aset: Thank you for taking time out and reading all my posts. I signed in today and I was happy to see 7 comments in one day - it is like a new bloggers dream come true.

  6. Plz thank me as well. I read ur post too..

    Oh I wanna write more. Ill be back I promise.

    Anand. :-)

  7. hmmm....never thought of it like tht...but after reading ur blog i surely do!

  8. @Anand : Thank you Anand . I am waiting for the comment :D


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