Tuesday, March 10, 2009


yet another day begins,
yet another night just ends,
yet another thought processed,
yet another tear to shed.

memories - a curse you are,
memories - why so sweet you are?
dwelling in my heart,
capturing every thought,
leaving a sweet smile that wont fade,
cutting my heart like a knife- two faced.

the more i wish to forget you-
the more they torment my heart
closer comes the time to part with you -
painful sweet memories cloud my heart!

memories- why memories you are?
memories -so stubborn you are!
cant you just vacate my heart ?
leave me to drift in the loneliness.......
let me be alone, till the time she departs.
Mad. 10-03-09


  1. "leaving a sweet smile that wont fade,
    cutting my heart like a knife- two faced."

    Loved those lines :)
    It's painful how much you would want to forget someone when it's all out of your hands..yet when you forget him you go like "how did I not do it long time ago" love is such a confusing feeling.

    Write on beautiful :]

  2. @ Knee: ya, i know i will have many more memories to fight with when the person will be gone far away ..... but this state when you know you will be parting is very , very painful.
    thank you . :0)

  3. tht was another good poetry frm u mad....
    y dont u consider being a poet my friend?? :)
    it wud be a gr8 combo of a successful doctor and a famous poet.
    very soulful(i hope i spelt it correct) poem!!

  4. Even though the person won't be anywhere close, memories would make you feel he/she is. If he/she is part of your memories, then he/she is truly special.Not everyone finds that space in our lives, so why fight the memories sweety :-) Within no time you will together again :-) But nevertheless very nicely written! How do you guys just come up with beautiful stuff like this!! I shall have to work an entire day before I come up with something remotely close to prose!

  5. Well, one thing i have learnt about memories is that they have the power to make you happy/sad, based on wat kinda memory comes to your mind.

    Short and sweet one.

    Keep expressing ;)


  6. @Sweety: thank you sweets, writing is still a hobby, never really thought of becoming a professional fulltime writer/poetess....lets see what future holds :)
    ya you spelt it right my friend.

  7. @STILLNESS SPEAKS :Well, some people go away to never come back. This person is very special to me- my guide, my teacher, my granny.
    You come up with such wonderful posts! why worry about wasting a day on a poem? but, i am sure you can come up with a poem far beautiful than what i write. :0)

  8. @Prashant Shree: thank you very much for you encouraging comment :) keep visiting.

  9. I truly understand.And trust me..where ever she is, she is looking down upon you and making sure nothing goes wrong for you. And for sure, she doesn't want you sad. Keep smiling, keep spreading the smiles wherever you go:-)

    Thank you so much for all the appreciation :-) But seriously, you're very good at what you're doing. Keep doing it :-)

  10. @Stillness Speaks: Your words never fail to brighten my day and encourage me. Thank you for all the support. :)

  11. memories are a treasure house of by gone days....some can be recalled with fondness and yet some can be very painful...i wish it was easy to forget the hurtful ones.
    BTW thanks for dropping by and for your wishes.

  12. @ nituscorner: Thank you for stopping by.
    "i wish it was easy to forget the hurtful ones" - so true.

  13. Hey u,

    It's big but it's finally out..
    The last part of the Legend of Krishna. I worked as fast as I cud so u r not left unsatisfied...
    Hope u like it. Lemme know wot u think.

    The story writer. :-)

  14. Oh and no.. u were not hurrying me at all.. Hahaa..
    Its jus my luck.wot to do..we Indians r like this only. Mind it !!


  15. @Anand : Thank you! :)..see, dats why I didnt rush you.
    Yah, we really ARE like this, arent we?Okay, am gonna read it now.

  16. memories are not gonna go...One has to move on :)...time to sit back relax and enjoy the good memories i guess..btw whos she ?

  17. @ani-aset: ya I am out of the denial phase, moving in the phase of acceptance now. shes my granny


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