Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shopping (ad)ventures of Jerry the young

He had gathered all the necessities with lightening speed,
salt, pepper, cheese, parsley,onions -the finest indeed!
after choosing the garnishing he felt like a pro,
to read the instructions on the pack of spaghetti- he raised up one eye- brow,
with a chocolate he rewarded himself as well begun is half done!
and added a pack of potato chips, well, just for fun!

After his first victory, our conqueror pushed his cart further,
with brave glances from side to side he glided past young n elder,
his eyes, so well trained now found sugar next to the alley of mineral water,
no mistake could be afforded now -he searched for the best pack , not a better.
sugar was taken care of and then our brave young Jerry ,
strode for the conquest on vinegar, sauce and curry!

Then our young explorer came across the alley of milk and milk products,
oh, how his blood boiled at the sight of his enemy,but ,but, but,
-just then the great warrior remembered MAMA's wise words!
he decided to do the right thing and our " just one" with his eyes shut
picked up a can of milk and two of strawberry-flavoured yogurt and curds.
Oh boy!his heart leaped with joy when he saw the board of bread and bakery product!!!

After the addition of the best biscuits, breads and sweetest cup-cakes -
he proudly eyed his possessions in the shopping cart n after a few deep breaths
our warrior relaxed and decided to check his "things -to-buy" list
...........after a moment or two came a smile of content,up went his triumphant fist!
and off went his swift cart till the queue for the counter
where soon he was to be pronounced the malls "Dear Costumer"


After his first ever conquest in the shopping world,
Sir "Dear Costumer" Jerry -the young left for his new dorm room at once!
to conquer the highs and lows, the plus and minus, the half done and completely burned,
the plain and bland of the kitchen and utensil world.

....Till date comes a thud or a clatter or a stream of overflowing water,
from the corners of the dorm kitchen and we see brave Jerry -swift as ever,
with a spatula in one hand and a pot in another.....


  1. I so want to go grocery shopping after this! Very sweetly written :-)

  2. so sweet! your poetry just strikes a cord every time. keep up the good work.

  3. hey a big congratulations to u on ur award,infact 2 awards...keep writing!looking forward to more posts frm u!cheers!

  4. @AS: Thank you, I just write about anything that comes in my mind.....

  5. @ Sweety : A double thank you :D ! Will surely come up with more .

  6. what a lovely blog!! Congrads on your blog of the day award, sort of late sorry.

  7. @ Debb: Thank you for your compliments. :)

  8. hey really nice one..was that you shopping around??

  9. @ani_aset: ya, sort of. It is somewhat related to the first time I went shopping here in Russia- with very little knowledge of the language and the brands here.

  10. Can I come over for a bite of this delightful dish?

  11. @SSQuo: sure ! You are always welcome as far as you dont mind eating amateur stuff :D


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