Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fairly unfair.

On 26th november, a bunch of teenagers managed to terrorise the heart of Indian citizens by breaking loose and ruthlessly firing at unarmed innocent Mumbaites when they were on thier way home.
Today, the Indian Supreme court starts a fair trial for the one suriving terorrist Kasab .
Fairly unfair...............


  1. But we have to :) law is law...

  2. You have been tagged

  3. there r so many unfair things happening around the world,wish v cud change them all!

  4. @Sweety: yes I know, somebody has to take the initiative.......

  5. These things happen here system is perfect I guess...even the crulest person is human though...just rely on an honest system to prevail, find justice and provide punishment.

  6. @Wanda: The worst part is that humans made courts and rules for helping people, to establish justice, for the convenience of the citizens; not for the people trying to terrorise and spread fear among the community!
    Its ridiculous!

  7. Yah, I can see why you are angry here! I guess the mere fact that Indian courts need decades to reach a decision of any sort, makes the whole 'Kasab On Trial' thingy a bit of a farce. Also, I read yesterday that his lawyer wants him to be tried in a juvenile court and we all know what that means, don't we?
    Keep the faith and lets hope that the people who needlessly died on 26th Nov do get justice.

  8. @As: Ya, thankfully, they rejected his plea of going to the juvenile court. A case in the juvenile court means that he wont be called a "criminal" and wont be sentenced to death.
    The people....who cares about people .....remember what Mr. R.R.Patil said " Such small things happen all the time. "


  9. hey madh...dis is chitra..u r a cool writer..keep up d good work..

    i have a really strong feeling bout the 26/11 trial..if kasab is 2 b given d only punishment he deserves..that is death...he has 2 get a trial...thats d opposing a trial v r interfering wit justice...wat v should b doin is ensuring dat d trial is fair to the victims and results in a death sentence..

  10. @anonymous: hi, Chitra, nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliments. :)

    I understand what you say, and it is perfectly rational. But as far as this 26/11 is concerned, I totally agree with Mr. Balasaheb Thakrey.
    Mumbaikarancha Jeev ha kahi kachra nahi. Un paus na bagta tumhi local madhe ratrandivas pravas kartat. Apan lokana aple mahatva patvun dile nahi ter aplayala mungi sarkhe chirdun taktil lok.
    Ha mumbaivarcha pahila halla navta. Goshta ithparyant pohochli karan bobmsfota nanter loka doosrya divshi kamala gelet. Ani mag R.R.Patil mhanalech na ki asa ter hotach rahate!
    The people who died that day, didn't have a single clue of what's coming for them.A guy thanks to whom a number of kids became orphans should be sentenced to death as soon as possible.


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