Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tag -3 (Phew!)

Stillness Speaks and Wanda, heres my tag reply :) :).....

8 things I am looking forward to:
1) Becoming a good doctor.
2) Learning to play a guitar.
3) Making full and just use of my potentials.
4) Taking things easy sometimes.
5) Revising my textbooks properly till June.
6) Jogging regularly this summer.
7) Learning swimming.
8) To graduate this summer :D

8 things I wish I could do:

1) Be at home right now.
2) Cure cancer.
3) Write a book in the next decade. (I have this one in common with Stillness Speaks)
4) Find out how life was formed.
5) Stop terrorism . I would have said "world peace" in a beauty pageant ;)
6) Be the best at whatever I do.
7) Meet my soul mate. ( Again, share another "would like to " with Stillness Speaks.)
8) Step on the moon.

8 shows I have enjoyed watching:
(Changed this one a bit, I hope its ok.

1) House MD (currently watching)
2) F.R.I.E.N.D.S (its THE best thing that happened in the history of television shows.)
3) Office (US)
4) I dream of jeanie
5) Small wonder
6) Bewitched
7) FIR (great Haryanavi accent by Ms. Chautala)
8) Khichdi

8 things I did yesterday:

1) Made notes for future reference.
2) Read Anatomy.
3) Played Chess and clicked some cool snaps while waiting eagerly for the professor to show up. (He showed up to say "See you tomorrow").
4) Went Shopping for provisions.
Took a walk with friends.
5) Prayed and thanked God in the evening.
6) Replied to 2 tags :) and I have started liking it now
7) Ate pancakes, soup and pizza and forgot about the calories
8) Watched an episode of House MD


  1. Hey that was so sweet of you to respond to my tag :) Noone else did you know!

    I sincerely wish that you get to do ALL of the 8 things you would like to do :) A good doctor..That you will be don't worry :)

    And good luck with graduation and exams :)

  2. It was nice reading your list...hoping you become a famously good doctor...My mother's doctor was originally from India...Dr. Sanat Bhatt...a very good and caring doctor & person.

  3. @Stillness Speaks: The tag made me think deeper in my present and my near future. So thank you for tagging me. Sometimes, we get so focused and so busy in our life that we forget the small areas where we could improve on the way , to enrich the bigger picture.
    Thank you for your good wishes.

  4. @Wanda: Wow! "Famously " good doctor is a very big thing. Its comforting to know that people around have high hopes. One tries to reach up to the set standards. I will try my best.:)

    As I had said before Stillness Speaks and you are just too generous with your compliments.

  5. Tags.....man I hate em. Lol.

    And yea Freinds.....I agree with u. The best thing ever, inni?? Shake hands on that. DId u knw each one earned a kool 1 million for a single episde?? Imagine.Shucks.

  6. Got to see your blog through Vyas's. Great blog and I love watching IDOJ, Bewitched, Small Wonder too. Hope you get all that you wish for. All the best.

  7. @Anand: Yah! But, I also think each one totally deserved the 1 million they earned. Amazing job! Nobody can EVER recreate their magic.


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