Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have been tagged.......

'Recently Vyazz decided to tag me . Here are somethings that people might not know about me.
1) I might be a chatterbox but I don't share all my feelings even with the people closest to me.
2) When I am alone I love to sing.
3) I like to dance ,sometimes, alone. :)
4) I adore animals. The Lion is my favorite among all the other "cats".
5) I love all babies..... Human babies, donkey babies, piglets, kittens. Cubs and puppies are my favorite.
6) I love the smell of rain.
7) I love driving and traveling during monsoon. The waterfalls and scenic beauty of Kasara ghat, Trimbakeshwar, Sanchi, Ajanta caves and the beautiful forest around the township of Silwani.
8) I prefer the silence and tranquility of the forests and fields.I cant breath in crowded areas.
9) I am not very comfortable around strangers. I usually am silent and don't like to start conversations with a stranger.
10) My first impression on people is that I am a proud snob.....I am really nothing of that sort.
11) I love to give my 100% in my workplace and I love to follow the rules there. That's the reason why I am strict in the hospitals.
12) Writing is a more comfortable form of communication than elocution for me. I usually put down my thoughts more effectively than say them out aloud.
13) I am very possessive about my family and several of my friends.
14) I stick to my believes and morals. My believes are based upon a long thought process and analysis. I usually stick to what I believe . I am stubborn when it comes to my morals.
15) Loyalty is one of the essential pillars on which I build my relationships.
16) I don't really show out all my emotions towards a select few people in my life.For reasons unknown I like to hide them. I usually replace them with either fights or jokes.
17) I love chocolates.
18) I hate to watch sad, depressing, gory movies.
19) I am learning to speak out my feelings due to the recent realization that its good and decreases misunderstandings.
20) I hate to share my books and I only lend them after making sure that the person wont spoil them.
21) I hate boot lickers and people with double standards.
22) I usually don't talk to a person if I don't like him/her.
23) I don't really care what people think about me. I do what I feel is right. -One reason why I don't have a huge fan following. I don't regret it.
24) Would I like to change anything in my life if given a chance? Nothing, I love my life. But I would certainly like to change some things in this world.
25)Love.... is a good feeling in moderate amounts. In excess it becomes destructive and dangerous . I have seen people change for their lovers, I think a person should accept you as you are.
26) The most romantic place in the world is..........27) My favorite city: Sankt Petersburg.
28) I am lazy on Sundays and active on weekdays.
29) I love to plan ahead...I have Daily plans, Monthly plans, Yearly plans.Though I might not be able to fulfill all , I still love to put it down.
30) I am short tempered. But cool down even faster.
31) I have only 4-5 close friends. I like to care for them and I like to connect with them everyday. I believe in quality not quantity.
32) I hate it when flowers wilt away.
33) My Dad is my idol.
34) AS is my Inspiration .
35) My Mom is my strength.
36) My bro is my faith.
37) Jui is my favorite heroine (my Pomeranian) Aww, the way she acts.
38) SJ makes me happy.
39) I am what I am, without adulteration.
40) I love making jokes but not everybody gets them! :)
So there you have it, 40 things about me! I will not be tagging anyone else, but if you guys reading this would like to put down things about yourself, consider this a tag! :)


  1. Thank you for "taking my walk" and enjoying it...your comment was sicerely appreciated...I would love to see the nature from your I will be following! Thank you for following me!

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  3. Lots of interesting stuff we wouldn't know otherwise :-) Stay just the way you are :-)

  4. @Wanda : would surely put up natures fotos frm my side of the globe. :)

  5. @Abhishek: Thank you, that is a great help. :0)

  6. @Stillness Speaks: Thank you.I will try and never change. :)I was thinking of tagging you, though, may be I should, do I have your permission? :)

  7. hey tht was good..wen u start thinking infact writing u cum to know tht r so many things tht ppl dont know abt u.i dint get the 38th point..who is sj?

  8. I really don't know the concept of tagging well enough! But one thing I know and that is if I were told to write 40 things about myself, I wouldn't go beyond 10! Phew!! You've managed quite a feat :-)

  9. @ Stillness Speaks: :) took me quite some time to come up with 40 things! :)

  10. So I take it you've not seen Hostel! :) I enjoyed your post.

  11. @SSQuo : avioded it like the plague :D
    thank you for your comments.
    Keep visiting.

  12. mad uve been tagged again...waiting to read more abt u!

  13. @Sweety : You know me already! :D


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