Friday, April 10, 2009

Love ....may be?

You wear a big question mark
on your face most days.
Your heart beats faster
than a horse in a race.

Your cheeks are red hot
but your hands go cold.
You hear everything ,
yet listen to nothing being told.

You hear the birds singing
and the weather seems just fine.
The family gatherings are no longer boring,
you cant differentiate between wine and brine.

You sit silent,
when you want to say a lot.
and you do the somersault
better than you were taught.

Your thoughts rush ahead,
but you freeze there and stay.
.....And you keep on denying,
"you are in love" when they say.


  1. Very nice...You and As are both talented at writing poetry...makes me think you will become very caring physicians...Take care.

  2. @ Wanda: Thank you Wanda for such a hearty compliment.We will try and live up to it.

  3. One has got to be feeling it to write it that good,lovely thoughts :)

  4. @ani_aset: thank you. One has got to be feeling it, but one ought to understand it .... I'm still trying :)

  5. My my my...there's a budding poet in you.....will wonders ever cease??...:)

  6. How very sweet!! Reminds me of "Kya yahi pyar hai" :D You have to be feeling so deeply to be able to write so nicely! I agree with Wanda. You will become a very very good doctor :) It needs people with a heart!

  7. @vyazz: Whenever I read the word "budding" I always visualise "Yeast".
    I am full of surprises :)

  8. @Stillness Speaks: Wanda and You are just too generous in your compliments. I am humbled. :D

  9. Nice Poem.. Now I understand where that endorphins comment came from :D .. (quote "The amount of endorphins released after eating a chocolate bar is equal to the amount realised in the brain of a person who is in love!")

    b.t.w the pic looks like a chocolate heart too! :P

  10. @sammythewizzy: :) ya it does look like a chocolate heart.

  11. ha ha. Voooeeeedooooo..
    Love, love..LOVE..... Nicee..

    Hey, how bout one way love-traffic?? Any words on that??

  12. I've always wanted to write a poem based on contradictions.
    Guess you did it for me :)
    this was a good read !
    Keep it up~

  13. @Anand: hmmm one way love traffic....a good topic for a whole post! future
    thank you.

  14. @Knee: I tried :D. Any tips from the pro in the field?

  15. simple poem,with deep emotions.i wish i cud write like u,i m becoming a big fan of ur poems!

  16. @Sweety: you can write just dont start.....lets make your blog this week :)


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