Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My 2nd Tag!

Last week ani_aset tagged me . Its rather delayed, but these are 25 random things about me.......

1) I hate carbonated drinks.
2) Recently I developed a sweet tooth.
3) I love the rain.
4) I adore the smell of first rain .
5)I love to look at dew drops in the morning.
6) I prefer clear winters to sweaty summers.
7)I love to cook, though not a pro.
8)I have an annoyingly strong sense of olfaction. I can smell EVERYTHING.(Its bad when in buses n public places.)
9)I dont like to share my books. I dont like the pages stained or folded.
10) Red is my favorite color now. Last year I liked blue and previously, pink.
11)I adore colors and love to see the effect of different color combinations.
12) I love old Hindi movies, hollywood action and comedy movies .
13) Madhubala is my favorite actress.
14) Amitabh Bacchan is my favorite Hindi actor, in the leading role.
15) Mohd. Rafiji and Ashatai Bhosle are my all time favorite singers.
16) I love to observe paintings for hours. (My friends hate it at the museums)
17)I love to travel.
18)Favorite classic : Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.
19)I love to watch the stars while falling asleep .
20)I love to paint.
21)If given a chance I would like to change all the unfair things in the world.
22)Favorite sweet (Mithai) Kaju Katri.
23)I love to bake cakes.
24)Favorite dish Baingan ka bharta(Egg plant)
25)I prefer vegetables over meat (if the veggies are fresh, tasty and properly cooked.)
Hope I havnt repeated anything from the last tag.
And I would like to tag :



  1. nice one dear..i didn realise u already had 40things on the blog :)..appreciate ur effort

  2. @ani_aset: No issues really. In fact I have started to like replying to tags :D

  3. thanks for tagging me, that's sweet! :)
    cheers from london o/


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